Units of Measure

11 May

We had a small geometry class on Monday because of state testing. We were using a Smarter Balanced performance assessment on Packaging Cans (which I can no longer find on their website, even though it seems to be on several other sites) MAT.HS.PT.4.CANSB.A.051.

I sent a Quick Poll to collect student responses to one of the questions.

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 5.34.35 PM

While all of the students calculated the volume correctly, over half of them entered the volume incorrectly. I didn’t show the correct answer when I first showed the students. Instead, I asked them whether the two responses were equal. They thought yes.

What is being cubed in the first response?

Most thought that the cube indicated cubic units.

One student did say that 5π was being cubed, so we had to clear up that misconception as well.

Once we marked only the 5π response as correct, another student said, “I have never understood that before. Now I get it.”

The Review Workspace of TI-Nspire Navigator provided an opportunity for my students to attend to precision that I had not planned in the lesson: 5π units3 is not the same thing as 5π3.

And so the journey continues ….


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