The journey begins…

07 Aug

In just a few hours, I will welcome my students to my classroom for the 20th time. A new physical classroom, actually, that is not as ready as I wish it to be…in fact, the walls in my new classroom are bare because I haven’t yet had time to decorate them. But that is okay, because our goal for the first few days is to establish that we are a community of learners, gathered together by the computer scheduler to learn about mathematics. Late last night, when it was way past time to go home, I had to remind myself that what is on my walls isn’t as important as the problems that we pose and the questions that we ask to begin to communicate about mathematics to one another.

I am starting this blog to talk about some of those problems and questions – with a particular emphasis on our efforts to incorporate the Common Core State Standards and Mathematical Practices into our geometry classes. We have 4 teachers and 27 students in our first block class so that we can learn together about what to do and what not to do in our other geometry classes.

In a brief note to our students I wrote the following:

We are embarking on a journey to incorporate the Common Core State Standards and Mathematical Practices into our geometry courses this year. You are involved in a pilot class so that our geometry teachers can learn from and observe you as you respond to the tasks that we pose. We will meet together in Mrs. Wilson’s room (413) throughout the school year, and we ask for both your active participation and patience as we work together to create a geometry course that is accessible, challenging, and worthwhile for all of our students.

Before I left last night, I did take time to hang one sign above my door that a former student painted for me several years ago.

My hope is for a great year of sharing my passion for mathematics with these students.

And so the journey begins…



One response to “The journey begins…

  1. Mary Bourassa

    August 7, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    We must never stop learning! Your students are fortunate to have dedicated teachers who are working together in this way. Best wishes for a great start to a new year…


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